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Montag, 10. Dezember 2018


Englisch in Jahrgangsstufe 8

Die Themen im Überblick:

Themen Inhaltliche Schwerpunkte
Welcome to the USA  
1 New York, New York REVISION if and when; REVISION conditional sentences 1 and 2; gerunds
2 California, the „Golden State“? passive: simple present; REVISION gerund; passive: simple past; Gegenüberstellung active – passive; EXTRA passive: modals and will-future; word building (-less)
3 Hermann says „Willkommen“ countable/ uncountable nouns; definite article; past perfect; word building (nouns from verbs and adjectives
4 Atlanta rising REVISION relative clauses; modals and their substitutes; present progressive with future meaning; reflexive pronouns; each other/ themselves