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Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2018


Englisch in Jahrgangsstufe 6

Die Themen im Überblick:

Themen Inhaltliche Schwerpunkte
Welcome back  
1 Back to school REVISION simple past (pos. statements); simple past: neg. statements, questions
2 What money can buy possessive pronouns (mine, yours,…); comparison of adjectives (-er/ -est; more/ most); make/ do; how much/ how many
3 Animals in the city will-future; conditional sentences (1); adverbs of manner; REVISION comparison of adjectives; EXTRA comparison of adverbs
4 A weekend in Wales REVISION word order (S-V-O); word order place; time - present perfect
5 Teamwork going to-future; REVISION present perfect; REVISION adverbs of manner; EXTRA question tags with be
6 A Trip to Bath mustn’t/ needn’t; REVISION going to-future; REVISION present progressive; past progressive; EXTRA relative clauses with who/ which